Our Story

   We were halfway through the trail to Lake Ann in the backcountry of Colorado, passing wildflowers by the thousands and glittering bunches of Aspen Trees, when I realized I would have to start carrying my one year old pup, Jerry. He was running out of energy and so was his older, wiser, Sheperd companion - Mobley. The rest of the trail was spent at their pace, moving slow in order to conserve their endurance levels. As I watched Jerry sleeping soundly in our tent that night, I wondered what I could have done to make the hike easier on the dogs, to help sustain their energy. And that was the birth of Traverse Dog Bars. 

   Ever since that day, I have made sure to pack my bags with the essential nutrients, high in both fat and protein, that our dogs need to keep blazing these trails. Whether you are a weekend warrior or a full time vagabond, we know that when it is time for us to refuel during our excursions, it must also be time for our pups to refuel. 

   Our bars will help sustain your dogs endurance on any adventure - an hour at the park or a month long through-hike on the CDT. We have hand-crafted these bars with the love that we have for the animal members of our family. So, as a fellow dog lover and outdoor enthusiast, you can be sure that our bars were created specifically for you and your pup. Grab a box of bars and when you do, make sure to take a picture while out on an adventure and tag us on Instagram with #FetchYourAdventure.

   We all crave adventure, be sure your dog has what they need to live theirs.